The Triple Alignment Model

— an alignment model

Understanding the model

The Triple Alignment Model is a strategic model and tool that helps leaders continuously build and measure for alignment in their lives, relationships, teams, and organizations. Through the model, you can continuously measure and build the life and organization that you envision, and quickly identify the key source of misalignment

Your vision is your purpose and the fundamental “why” behind everything you do. It’s the life and world that you’re building. Every aspect of your life and organization should come together to bring this vision to life.

Your mission stands at the very center of your vision. Unlike your vision, your mission is action-oriented, giving your vision a core focus. Everything you do should align back to your mission.

Your goals are the support system for your mission. They work together to power and build momentum toward your mission. All your goals should support each other and directly fuel your mission.

Your values are the principles and structures that define you, the glue that holds everything together. It’s everything from how you show up everyday to the people and environment you surround yourself with.

Triple Alignment is an optimal state of alignment achieved through the continuous alignment of your vision, mission, goals, and values.

Journal & Thoughts

The Footwork of Negotiation

Negotiations aren’t about getting what you want, it’s about relationship building. That’s why the best negotiations don’t feel like a negotiation, but like a dance. And like dances, negotiations are supposed to be fun, where both parties should to walk away feeling closer and feeling good. What makes for a successful dance or negotiation? Know the name of the dance:…

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The Question To Diagnose Misalignment

The best thing you can do when you’re feeling misaligned is to diagnose the problem at its very core. My single greatest game-changer is this: whenever I feel stressed, or dissatisfied, I ask myself—am I feeling misaligned to my mission, values, or goals? Years ago, when I first developed The Triple Alignment Model, I wrote down these sentences. These three…

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The Indicator of Everything

Alignment is the essence and foundation of all the good things in life. It is the feeling of happiness, fulfillment, zen. It is the reason that you feel happy sometimes and don’t know why. It’s the smile after a long wait because you know something good is about to happen. That is alignment.  Because truth is, you could have all…

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The Alignment Glow

Have you ever met anyone with the alignment glow? You know, the individuals who gleam and glow, who radiate of infectious energy.  Most people walk but when they do, it feels more like they’re gliding, as if they had a cape on their shoulders. Something about them is just so incredibly magnetic, but you just can’t put your finger on…

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The Art of Storytelling in One Word

Think of alignment as a story.  The moment we set a mission for ourselves, a new story begins. The mission embodies the message of the story, and our “why” behind the story.  Everything we do from our goals to our actions and decisions determine the plot to our story.  The characters, the scenery, the narrator, well they paint the perspective…

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