A good enemy is your strongest ally

A good ally sees your destination, a good enemy gets you there. Your ally walks beside you while your enemy fans the fire so you can’t go back.

Celebration and envy are equally powerful emotions

When someone does something incredible, you have a choice to either envy them or get inspired by them. I promise you they’re equally powerful emotions.

(Especially true for things that you feel you could have done)

There’s always more where that came from

A powerful business and life mindset.

When we give to others: There’s always more that we can give

When customers purchase from us: There are always more people [like this person] that I can reach and impact

Trust me, there’s no “them”

This is a mindset we need to learn to embrace. Sooner.

That perhaps the people we judge are just the people who didn’t have the same luxuries and influences we had. That perhaps if reincarnation was real, we’re all walking reincarnations of the same being.