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The Indicator of Everything

Alignment is the essence and foundation of all the good things in life. It is the feeling of happiness, fulfillment, zen. It is the reason that you feel happy sometimes and don’t know why. It’s the smile after a long wait because you know something good is about to happen. That is alignment. 

Because truth is, you could have all the things in the world and if they’re not aligned with you, you’re not going to feel fulfilled. Fulfillment, success, happiness…these things are different for everyone, but the thing that defines them is alignment and uncovering what matters to you, and how you can build your life, your relationships, your lifestyle, and your legacy around that. 

And all the sadness, the frustration, the stress comes from misalignment. Jobs get boring because of misalignment, relationships end because of misalignment, depression is triggered because of misalignment. 

If you are someone who wants your life to stand for something, one of the best things you can do is to unravel what matters to you, and ensure that every thought, action, decision aligns with that. And I can’t ensure that I will help you find exactly what that is, but I can promise that this model will be an excellent tool in your toolbelt, and that it will not only help you better understand what alignment means for you, but also quickly recognize and diagnose misalignment when it presents itself. 

Excerpt from The Triple Alignment Model