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Quality of Life is NOT Value of Life

I was talking to someone the other day and casually mentioned the topic of building a global “Value of Life” index. He quickly responded, “Value of life is a tough one, it’s so subjective based on who is valuing which life. I’d prefer the quality of life.” The problem with this statement is that “Quality of Life” is an economic…

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The fight for equality is ONE fight

I am a 5 foot 3 Asian woman. That’s why I can say this. Asian women—If you don’t stand behind #blacklivesmatter, if you don’t show up for LGBTQ pride, if you don’t stand up for the person next to you that is being discriminated and marginalized, then you are not showing up for yourself. Because it’s all one fight. One…

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Trust me, there’s no “them”

Trust me, there’s no “them” It’s heartbreaking and absurd that the words “all lives matter” have become a symbol for white supremacy. In a morally just world, these words would stand for equality, for human rights. But this is the world we have to face because these are the class systems that were built before us. Things like racial equality,…

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The Revolution on Political Religion

It’s a strange time for all of us. Today, we sit here witnessing an alarming rise of nationalism comparable to pre-WWII, a rise of radical leaders who preach nationalism above the value of life, and a generation who values freedom, justice, and equality more than ever. Today, our freedom is under attack globally by political religion. Our entire generation is…

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The value of life through a political lens

A year ago, a dear friend and colleague of mine moved to India. We occasionally get together to talk about business, about life, and about social and political issues. Then one day, she asked me a devastating question. She said, “How could governments give such little value to the lives of their people?” My heart broke and I didn’t know…

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