The fight for equality is ONE fight

I am a 5 foot 3 Asian woman. That’s why I can say this. Asian women—If you don’t stand behind #blacklivesmatter, if you don’t show up for LGBTQ pride, if you don’t stand up for the person next to you that is being discriminated and marginalized, then you are not showing up for yourself. Because it’s all one fight. One fight for equality.

When we speak out against racism, it must ring loud and clear that we are also speaking out against homophobia and misogyny and classism. If our fight for our human rights isn’t intersectional, then it will become lost.

And I’m not just saying this to other Asian women. If you’re a gay white man and you don’t show up for #blacklivesmatter and #metoo—if you’re a white man overseas who has been racially targeted and you’re not showing up for ALL the other people who are marginalized, then you are the one weakening your own voice.

And if you are peacefully protesting right now, and you are not black, then you get up there and you stand in the front lines.

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