We overcome the wind


This piece absolutely took my breath away. ‘Waloyo Yamoni (We Overcome the Wind)’, the climactic finale to ‘The Drop That Contained the Sea’
The Music of Christopher Tin’ concert, Cadogan Hall, London, July 19, 2016.

A little piece of youth from my niece

Asked my niece about her favorite band and she showed me Stray Kids. This video brings back memories from the good old middle/high school years. Thanks Tiff & Skz

This brilliant poem on absurdity

Imaginary Number by Vijay Seshadri

The mountain that remains when the universe is destroyed
is not big and is not small.
Big and small are

comparative categories, and to what
could the mountain that remains when the universe is destroyed
be compared?

Consciousness observes and is appeased.
The soul scrambles across the screes.
The soul,

like the square root of minus 1,
is an impossibility that has its uses.

– By Vijay Seshadri, Pulitzer Prize Winner