Ideal Renaissancism

— a philosophy of life

Inside the pages

“This beautiful thing called time. We’ve discovered it. What do we try to do? We try to measure it. Without a pinch of a clue as to what in the universe we’re actually measuring. We use it like we use money, a man-made concept. To tell us how rich we are. How much time we have left—how much life we have left to spend. We need to stop “spending” our lives.

“Time is not the measurement of our lives. Time at its purest, isn’t a measurement of anything. It’s a plane of existence. It’s something we exist with, not by.”

“So what does it mean to live your life in short stories? Well, think of individual chapters in your life, only they’re each their own unique story. Different settings, different characters, different narrator, different author. Stop living your life by the chapter. Stop following a timeline of what you need to accomplish at a specific age. Jump around. Live the life of a 38-year-old businessman today, and then that of a 6-year-old prodigy in a few months. Defy the laws of time because why not? In the end of your 100 years (or 50 or 25), who’s going to care?

I’ve pursued my dreams and fantasies one at a time, lived different lives and become different versions of myself in the process. And I’m sure as hell not the only one. People like us, we go through life losing ourselves and finding ourselves again. We speak in metaphors and riddles. We live our lives as verbs, not nouns. Sometimes we live more in a day than we do in a year. That’s not time. That’s life.”

“We’re born into a pre-written background story — our ethnicity, our socio-economic background, our family, our culture — but whether our story is made of words or pictures, whether we write a chapter book, an epic poem, or a collection of short stories, how many pages we write…that is completely up to us. So use the colors in your story carefully, because your story is the world that you live in. That world isn’t created for you. You create it. With every thought and decision you make.”

“We don’t attract people to us, we attract people to what we stand for. And people don’t fall for us, either. They fall in love with the world that we live in and strive every day to create.”

“They pull out their telescopes to hunt me down. They capture me only to put me under a microscope. Had they looked through a kaleidoscope. They would have seen me. They would have realized that I’m everywhere.”

An excerpt from the book