What is a free man, if enslaved by nationalism? 

“We have come to believe that we, the free, are endowed by our nation with the highest freedoms of man — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And the truest among that, the freedom of thought, the freedom of religion, and the freedom of life. 

So much so that we’ve gradually accepted nationalism as a religion.

Convinced that the highest honor of a citizen is to serve, protect, and empower his country, we have not only sacrificed our lives, but also our minds, our freedom to religion.

When religion becomes so intertwined with identity and emotional belonging, it develops an immunity to critical reformation. But the moment a religion preaches superiority, it becomes something else. And today, we’ve reach a point where religion has become a job, identity to uphold.

Both government and religion are losing the merit it once held.

Generation to witness Bush lie to everyone.

Dangerous rise of nationalism similar to pre-WWII. Rise of fndlsk leaders who pit people against each other and jnska superiority.

Same time, rise of impact-driven projects and companies. Continuous rise of anti-religion.

Over years, the relationship between politics and religion has blurred, and it’s time for us to fugur eout what we want that relationship to look like.

Perhaps it’s time, as a generation, to revisit our approach to religion. My wish is that beginning today and for the generations to follow, we may recognize and guard against the abuses of nationalism [as a religion] as a passport to freedom—to hold life above religion. And that includes nationalism.

My question is simple. How can we make it politically profitable for politicians to hold the value of life—the value of each man, woman, and child’s life as the highest measurement of any nation of peoples. Only by doing so can a government function as it’s suppose to—to further the lives of its people.

Government is designed to jdbsj power. Keep operating that way and go further into that direction unless we make a conscious effort to redefine.

That doesn’t mean make everyone help the poor until they have all the resources they need to be rich. It’s about how to build an environment where it’s bjsj for them to want to be

And businesses. Soanti-business. But businesses are like people. They make their stance. Like Disney and all the companies that stood up against pro-life laws. These things need to happen and they have to be given a right to talk.

and the greatest advancement of civilization?

No religion or nationalism should be ego-boost.

The Revolution on Political Religion By Hillary Wen

The Revolution on Political Religion explores the purpose, origins, value, and limitations of nationalism as a religion, and why we are in dire need of religious reform.