Integrating our projects into our daily habits

For years I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit in all the things I want to do into one lifetime. I have so many passions that make my soul sing, and so many dreams that bring me truth, clarity and meaning. But how to pack it all in one lifetime and still feel free, alive, and complete everyday? That was the question that started The Equilibrium Journal. I kept thinking—if only everyone could build their lives the way they envision it, on their own terms…if there was a way we could wake up everyday inspired to keep growing our lives.

This week, I started a new routine

This week has been a fulfilling one, mainly because I realized something. I realized that my days feel most complete when they reflect all the things that I value. I’m incredibly privileged in this regard, because I’m in a place right now where the projects I work on are a direct reflection of my values and the world I wish to live in. Each project targets a specific change I wish to see in the world. 

Now working on every project everyday would be close to impossible, and frankly, I would burn out fairly quickly. So rather than spreading myself thin, I built a daily checklist that aligns with what these projects stand for.

I know so many people who are filled with passion, purpose, and drive, so many people trying to answer the same question of how they can pack all their dreams into one day. Is this you too?

If it is, please don’t settle. The life that you dream of—all it takes is a little work to make it happen.

Sending Equilibrium your way,