We overcome the wind


This piece absolutely took my breath away. ‘Waloyo Yamoni (We Overcome the Wind)’, the climactic finale to ‘The Drop That Contained the Sea’
The Music of Christopher Tin’ concert, Cadogan Hall, London, July 19, 2016.

Seasick every day

If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll be seasick every day.

– Leonard Cohen

When I pronounce the word silence

When I pronounce the word Future,
the first syllable already belongs to the past.

When I pronounce the word Silence,
I destroy it.

When I pronounce the word Nothing,
I make something no non-being can hold.

This beautiful poem by Wisława Szymborska, Polish Nobel Prize winner (translated by S. Baranczak & C. Cavanagh)

FY24 education budget proposal

Reviewed this Joint Letter: FY24 Biden-Harris Budget Proposal with my students a couple months back; sharing it here for members of the community who have an interest in their school/district priorities and budget allocation.

Statewide data systems and State Assessment Grants play a critical role in identifying barriers to student learning, achievement, and equity. Simply put, we can’t fund what we can’t measure. 

Thank you to All4Ed; Center for American Progress; Education Reform Now; Learning Policy Institute; National Center for Learning Disabilities; Teach Plus; The Education Trust; SchoolHouse Connection; UnidosUS for addressing Data, Innovation, and Connectivity Programs.

Top 10 intentions for 2023

When people talk, listen completely. Don’t be thinking what you’re going to say. Most people never listen. Nor do they observe. You should be able to go into a room and when you come out, know everything that you saw there and not only that. If that room gave you any feeling you should know exactly what it was that gave you that feeling. Try that for practice.

– Ernest Hemingway

I keep coming back to this over the years; one of my top 10 intentions for 2023